I LOVE people and am a keen champion of supporting women in midlife because I know I need the support of others so I have created the Magical Midlife Membership - a community of like minded women who can come together in a safe positive place.

You are all sorts of women going through all sorts of parts of our onward journeys

Some of you are dealing with all they typical symptoms of midlife life!

- Empty Nest

- Menopause

- Aging parents

- Divorce

- Non appreciative families

- Crossroads in your careers

- Don’t know what to wear

- Brain fog and the list goes on …..

And some of you may not be in any of these places at all and in fact might be in a fabulous place , but I reckon you have been to one of those midlife stations and have plenty to share or maybe you want to be aware of what’s going on so you can support those who are not in the same place.

Am I making sense?

Life Plot twists happen all the time and I can tick every single box in that list. I’ve come out, I’ve gone back in and I draw down on what I’ve been through but I really, I mean REALLY lean on my friends to get me through.

As part of the Magical Midlife Membership, we have weekly drop in coffee mornings and wine evenings all based on zoom and once a month I will bring in an Expert Guest speaker (this zoom will be recorded if you can’t make the live session) and they will be at hand to answer all your questions (email them in advance if you can’t make it to the zoom).

We will cover many of the subjects that cover the above topics and if there is anything you want covered then remember this is your group so just let me know!!

Want more information or a chat then contact me here  – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Of if you'd like to sign up right now, CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

(You can cancel at any time!)




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